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There are so many brands for skin and facial care and even after several years of trying and testing a lot of stuff it sometimes still feels like a jungle.

One of the problems I have had for years is my hair. Like many others your own hair is not perfect according others but I am constantly trying to get better for being happy about my own. I have quite a lot of natural curls, my hair grows very fast and is quite powerful – these are some of the challenges but also the unique thing about my hair.

However, the solution to my challenge seems to be found – Kevin.Murphy! He is almost an industrial icon and one of the world’s most wellknown hair stylist in fashion, runway, film & editorials. He tried for so long to find weightless products with strength and unlimited teams at the same time it has to be for no harm to humans or to the environment – after a long time he gave up and instead created his own brand which became to Kevin.Murphy.

Maxi.Wash – contains papaya and tea tree that stimulates the scalp. It is the perfect startup-shampoo that cleans in depth and removes bacteria.

Gritty.Business – contains bentonite and kukui nut oil as well as beeswax. It gives the whole hair a wonderful support and a gritty structure.

Texture.Master – can be used both as a finish or to give an even better texture, as it has a good hold all the way down to the hair roots.

I have started using these 3 products everyday and I like it so much – but the Kevin.Murphy product line is significantly bigger and there are a number of other products who are on my wish list!


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